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You have done this many times, for many years, you know what you want.

So you want to be able to enter data 10 times faster.
So you would like to delegate 90% grunt data entry to your clerks yet you want the ability to review all entries before posting.
You would like to be able to spend more time on high end complex accounting and issues.
You would like to be able to train your staff in 5 minutes as opposed to hours.
You want 10 staff members to be entering A/R, A/P, Payments and Receipts but you don't want to purchase costly additional user licenses.
You want your staff to become more productive and spend less on staff expenditure through enhanced efficiency.

Now you can have it all!!! Get ready for the thrill of Tick Tock's A/R, Receipts/ A/P, Payments solutions. Tick-Tock will revolutionize for ever how you handle your accounting demands.

TICKTOCK WARNING: Installation of this program will cause the following question to be asked. How can I appear busy the rest of the working day so management doesn't let me go?

A/R Receipts (Pervasive) AR101
A/R, Receipts (SQL)
A/P, Payments (Pervasive)
A/P, Payments (SQL) AP201
Enter accounting data up to 10 times faster
Run payroll in 30 seconds or less
Manage payroll data in seconds
Open 40 A/R, A/P, Payments, GL, and Payroll reports in under 1.5 seconds
Seamlessly link between Best Fixed Assets and ACCPAC Advantage in seconds
Kick it up a notch.
Enhance your ACCPAC experience? Make information that you want and need accessible at the click of a button. Imagine being able to get access to any A/R, A/P, Payments, Receipts, Payroll and/or GL report within one second or less!!! Get real time-anytime reports? Get organized? Work simply through one menu screen. Need powerful filter capabilities. No problem. Get 40 out of box robust reports relating to A/R, A/P, Payments, Receipts, Payroll and GL
Reports Package (SQL)
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Tired of complex, tedious export/import iterations? Tired of spending countless hours either entering depreciation data or checking Imported/Export data integrity? Want something that can seamlessly transfer your Fixed Assets data to your accounting system? Ever wonder why the best in fixed asset application programs and the best in accounting systems could not communicate with each other? Wonder no more!!!
Tick Tock BEST/ACCPAC Interface. TICK TOCK WARNING AND DISCLOSURE: Installation of this program will cause the following question to be asked. How can I appear busy the rest of the working day so management doesn't let me go?

Are you still outsourcing payroll? Are you tired of cumbersome, complex and tedious export/import iterations? How about linking your timesheets to payroll directly and finish the payroll at the push of a button? All you need is…
ACCPAC Payroll Turbo Interface PR101
If what you are looking for is an application that can
  • Automatically track time and attendance, including holidays and sick days
  • Let your employees self manage their PTO and let you instantly review and approve or reject their schedules subject to access limits given to them by their employer company.
  • Track detailed human resources and GL budget distribution data
  • Collect time and attendance data by PC/Touch Screen/Card Swipe (either magnetic or bar code)/Punch Clock/Biometric/Proximity Cards
  • That is 100% automated, paperless and fully integrated.

Please check our Payroll Time & Attendance software. It is more powerful and useful than you expect. Please check Products section for more information.

Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(10 users)
Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(25 users)
Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(50 users)
Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(75 users)
Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(100 users)
Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance(200 users) BA201
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