Time Clock Devices


Tick Tock truly understands that each customer is different, has specific criteria and unique needs in mind when looking for a time and attendance solution. Tick Tock Payroll Time & Attendance offers a complete spectrum of flexible choices to satisfy even the most demanding Log In and Log Off requirements.

Tick Tock's Payroll Time & Attendance can interface seamlessly with any of the following: PC, Traditional Time Clock, Touch Screen Monitor, Card Swipe, and Biometric devices to collect attendance information. All these devices can be used individually or collectively.

To determine which device is best-suited for your company's specific requirements, please, take a moment to explore all the possibilities available for your use. All of these devices seamlessly interface with Tick Tock's Time & Attendance Solution.

Enter accounting data up to 10 times faster
Run payroll in 30 seconds or less
Manage payroll data in seconds
Open 40 A/R, A/P, Payments, GL, and Payroll reports in under 1.5 seconds
Hardware Devices
Seamlessly link between Best Fixed Assets and ACCPAC Advantage in seconds
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