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Thank you for visiting our website. Tick Tock's development team is dedicated to continually improving and developing the very best in accounting applications. As a team, we truly are interested in making your accounting experience fast, easy and fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Tick Tock Software?

2. What products do you offer?
3. What is Payroll Time & Attendance?
4. Does Tick Tock Time & Attendance handle sick days, vacation time, holidays, and PTO in its application or is there a separate module I have to purchase?
5. What is Tick Tock Proprietary Turbo Payroll Interface?
6. What is Tick Tock A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts Rapid Entry?
7. What is Tick Tock Reports Package?
8. What is Tick Tock Proprietary BEST/ACCPAC Interface?
9. What operating systems can support Tick Tock applications?
10. What database platforms are currently available?
11. Is it possible to generate reports other than those contained in Tick Tock
Reports Package?
12. Do you offer technical support and training?
13. Can I buy Payroll Time & Attendance, A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts, Rapid Entry, Report Package and Best/ACCPAC SQL Interface in the local store?
14. I love Tick Tock! How can I find additional updates and new products?
15. How are Tick Tock applications connected to ACCPAC?
16. How do I contact Tick Tock Software?
17. Where is Tick Tock Software headquartered? 
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