Reports Package


It's all about reports!

Simple, robust, customized, real-time, anytime….That is Tick Tock's Reports Package. It includes 40 mission-critical reports, saving a company thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

The Reports Module is a unique comprehensive accounting package that allows its users to view, at the push of a button, 40 out-of-the-box, robust accounting reports in simple to read formats.

Reports relate to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payments, Receipts, General Ledger, and Payroll information.

The application has been designed to get the user up and running without spending substantial amount of time and resources customizing reports. Reports Package is intuitive, simple to use, and provides robust filtering capabilities by account and date ranges.

The module provides the user with vitally needed information at the push of a button. Every report opens in less than a second, and the accounting data is organized in a format that is intuitive, easy to understand and view.

Enter accounting data up to 10 times faster
Run payroll in 30 seconds or less
Manage payroll data in seconds
Open 40 A/R, A/P, Payments, GL, and Payroll reports in under 1.5 seconds
Seamlessly link between Best Fixed Assets and ACCPAC Advantage in seconds
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