Payroll Time & Attendance v 3.0


Did you know...?
The essential features of a time and attendance solution

Payroll v 3.0 makes your life far easier than you ever thought!

For the employees, how about...

  • An intuitive, responsive interface that can be used the minute it is installed. No training needed: you don't need to be computer-savvy, you don't need to do anything extra. You do your job, and Payroll Time & Attendance records your time. It's that simple!
  • Ability to log in from anywhere: front reception desk, in the field, or from your computer.
  • A variety of login devices:a touch screen, magnetic card reader, traditional time clock, biometric device that scans finger prints, or a personal computer.
  • Real-time, up-to-the-minute work schedule reports may be viewed at the push of a button.
  • Employee-managed Paid Time Off (PTO) within the access limits set by the employer. Additionally, requested PTO can be approved immediately online. Time-consuming physical interactions between employees, supervisors, and administrators are totally eliminated.
  • To ensure data integrity, the Schedule function reminds the user to login/logoff for work, lunch, or break according to the preset work schedule.
Enter accounting data up to 10 times faster
Run payroll in 30 seconds or less
Manage payroll data in seconds
Open 40 A/R, A/P, Payments, GL, and Payroll reports in under 1.5 seconds
Seamlessly link between Best Fixed  Assets and ACCPAC Advantage in seconds

For the management, how about...

  • Ability to view all time and attendance related reports instantly, at the push of a button.
  • Monitoring project costs at the push of a button.
  • Access to real-time information. No midnight auto pulls.
  • From now on, no payroll paper work at all: no manual data collecting, no data input and re-input, no redundancy whatsoever in the work effort. Imagine running payroll at the push of a button!
  • The best part: calculating payroll in seconds, as opposed to spending countless hours.
Payroll Time & Attendance is a unique application that fully automates keeping track of hours worked by the employees and allows the user to manage and view all payroll data in a simple format.

The application can be used by any size corporation. It is efficient and accurate, requiring minutes, as opposed to hours, to administer payroll. Extremely user-friendly, it has been designed to get you and your employees up and running in minutes. The application allows the user to set his or her own reminder schedule, request paid time off, verify hours worked, view hours paid, check pay rate, as well as view the distribution of hours worked by General Ledger (GL) account.

Payroll Time & Attendance can be used on a single station stand alone or an enterprise network, using any of the following: workstation, touch-screen monitor, card swipe, or a biometric device.

This program substantially reduces the amount of time otherwise spent collecting, reviewing, and processing payroll. If used in conjunction with Tick Tock Proprietary Turbo Interface, payroll processing is reduced from hours to seconds. Payroll Time & Attendance provides many features and capabilities that up to now were simply not available.

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