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Some things you should know when evaluating a time and attendance solution...

Have you been looking everywhere for the best time and attendance solution? It is a daunting task. Let's face it, running payroll is important! Chances are, you may be confused after looking at only a few products. The price ranges you will find can be staggering. How do you choose the solution that is best for your needs?

Here are a couple of things you may wish to consider to simplify your search:

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USER-FRIENDLY _____________________________________________

Software should not add complications to anybody's life! Pay attention to how long it would take to become well-acquainted with the application. Is formal training a necessity? Remember, training adds to the cost of the software. In short, can you look at the user interface with no prior training and intuitively understand what to do?

SPEED _____________________________________________________

Time is money! Simply put, how many keystrokes and/or clicks does it take to get the job done.

UP-AND-RUNNING OUT OF THE BOX ____________________________

Skip the painful configuration process! Payroll polices are complex and involve numerous nuisances. Ask if the application will be preconfigured to function in accordance with your company payroll policies right out of the box. Will the software arrive preprogrammed with all the employee data and employee pay codes already set? Or will you have to spend hours configuring policies and entering employee information?

COMMUNICATION ____________________________________________

Remember, you are not looking for a calculator! A true time and attendance software should be a comprehensive solution to labor management. Pay attention to such functions as an internal messaging system which would allow easy communication between employees and administration within the company regarding paid time off requests, time card questions, etc.

ELECTRONIC APPROVAL _____________________________________

Terminate the aggravation of circulating paperwork back and forth between employees and managers! Does the time and attendance software provide an option of electronic timecards approval?


Here is the trick: "Interface" does not equal "Direct Interface". A true Direct Interface enables the transfer of payroll data into the accounting system at the click of a button. Some products claim to offer an interface; however, it is merely an export/import function. Data will still have to be exported to a file, which, afterwards, will have to be imported into the accounting system. Why go through all of that, when the same results can be accomplished instantly with a Direct Interface?

ELECTRONIC PTO REQUESTS _________________________________

Does the application allow employees to submit PTO requests directly through the system? What steps are involved in the process? How easy is it for the employees to request time off, and how easy is it for the management to review, approve, and notify employees of approval.

AVAILABLE REPORTS ________________________________________

Which reports are available through the program? Variety matters; however, readability is even more important. How is data organized and presented? Is the information tailored to your specific requirements? Are more reports available upon request? Are the reports easy to read? Are the reports easy to run? Does the application provide for robust filtering capabilities?

MANAGEMENT/HR TOOLS _____________________________________

Are managers capable of performing all payroll-related activites? Can administrative access be assigned on different levels?

CREDIBILITY _________________________________________________

Who is the company selling the software? Check the software developer's credits. Is the software company merely a sales organization or is it a development partner for multiple multi-billion dollar software giants? Are you dealing with a salesperson or a computer programmer who truly understands the application and how it can be tailored to fit your company’s policies?

VALUE ______________________________________________________

Overall, do the program capabilities justify its price? Will all of the offered functions be useful? Does it make more sense to pay for only what is needed right now and have the option of upgrading the program in the future?

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