A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts Rapid Entry



Did you know...?

A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts Rapid Entry makes your accounting experience EASY and FUN!


What if...

  • key accounting data could be entered in one step, on one screen?
  • A/R, A/P, Payments, and Receipts could be entered up to ten times faster then now?
  • accounting tasks could be proficiently performed by someone with no accounting expereince?
  • any batch could be created in seconds?
Enter accounting data up to 10 times faster
Run payroll in 30 seconds or less
Manage payroll data in seconds
  Tick Tock's user-friendly and self-explanatory A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts Rapid Entry makes it all possible.

A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts was developed by Tick-Tock Software, Inc. specifically for companies where accounting system's platform is based on Microsoft SQL.

This software enables non-accountants to rapidly and easily enter accounting information into a company's main accounting system. A user with little accounting knowledge can enter Accounts Receivable information, post receipts, enter payables and post payments effortlessly and quickly. A/R, A/P, Payments & Receipts frees the accountant to spend time on more advanced tasks.

Tick Tock's application allows data entries up to ten times faster.

Open 40 A/R, A/P, Payments, GL, and Payroll reports in under 1.5 seconds
  Seamlessly link between Best Fixed Assets and ACCPAC Advantage in seconds
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